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Tatami Mats are a Japanese style of floor covering designed for comfort and durablitiy. Available in two different sizes, our mats are the perfect floor covering for a classic Japanese or Oriental look.

Large View

Tatami Mat - Half Size
35.5" x 35.5" x 2.25" thick
Tatami Mat - Large Size
35.5" x 71" x 2.25" thick

Rice straw Tatami Mats have been used for hundred of years in traditional Japan. As rice straw Mats have been banned by the USDA for import to the United States, we have created our Kaiteki Tatami mat updated and designed to meet modern standards.

The Kaiteki Tatami Mat is constructed of 4 layers of natural fiber sheets , covered with a high grade, tightly woven rushstraw, sewn to the base layers, and then bound with a high grade black border.

Comfortable enough to walk on and yet soft enough to lie on, our exclusive Kaiteki Tatami mats are the perfect floor covering, designed to withstand years and years of heavy use. Great for entrance areas, dining rooms, meditation rooms, or work out studios.

Kaiteki can be translated from Japanese as "Comfort". Enjoy the "Not too soft - not too hard" comfort that these beautiful Tatami mats offer.

Notes on Shipping

  • All Tatami mats must be ship be shipped via Truck-Line shipping due to their weight, 30 lbs and 55 lbs. We work with dozens of Truck-Lines that offer reasonable shipping rates to any destination in the country.
  • Please place your order and give your complete shipping address. No PO Boxes.
  • We will calculate exact shipping charges and inform you. When you approve, we will ship your order.
  • All Kaiteki Tatami Mats are in stock and available and ship within a few days.

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