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Japanese Furniture

platform beds

shoji screens



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platform beds
platform beds

Platform Beds can give your home the feelings of comfort and ease with a modern style.
  shoji screens
shoji screen

Shoji Screens can add a touch of oriental elegance to any room.
shoji lamps
shoji lamps

Light your space with a
warm shoji glow.
end tables
beautiful end tables

Lighted shoji end tables.

silk comforters
Silk Comforters

Silk Comforters bring a luxurious feel to your bed or sleeping area.
  tatami mats
Add a tatami mat to create an environment of simplicity and Japanese style.


Japan Shoji is proud to offer an distinctive collection of Japanese Furniture. Featuring platform beds, shoji screens, silk comforters, shoji lamps, and tatami mats. Our products offer an easy and affordable way to bring a beautiful Japanese style to any environment.

Much of japanese interior decoration is influenced by the Zen idea of simplicity. In addition Japanese furniture was designed to be in harmony with nature, and to blend with natural settings creating a sense of ease and relaxation. Minimal use of materials, coupled with soft and natural colors, and hand made rice papers, come together to create a quality of relaxation, beauty, and rest.

From our Harmony Deluxe Shoji Screen, to our Japanese style room dividers and the dramatic Grand Emperor floor standing lamp, all of our products are created around these ideas of quality, simplicity, and balance.

Simple and Sophisticated may seem to be contradictory terms, but with our wide assortment of high quality japanese products we believe these words come together in a unique and beautiful way.

Rely on Japanshoji.com to bring the very best of the Oriental World to your home or office.

"Simple in Design and Sophisticated in Look"

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